Thursday, June 10, 2010

Conservative or otherwise

May be it's the adrenaline, or may be it's the urge that left me with a sleepless night yesterday. I just couldn't stop watching the TV and DVDs...

And this morning I was up, and right here I am writing this to the addition of the 3rd post for my Pride or prejudice label. It was about an incident happened about a week ago...quite funny.

"Hey, you going to the gym next week?" as I was talking to my Canadian friend and wanted to meet him after his workout.
"Yea sure, wanna meet for lunch?" he asked and I agreed to meet him up at the usual place, the gym lounge.

The day came and it was an early day for me and I also got off from work early, so I figured may be I could use one of the cafes there to go online, so I left my work place and headed to the meeting place.

I arrived an hour and a half early, but I totally changed my mind about having online at the cafe, so I took a stroll around the area, not many people at the hour, it just felt loose...

I walked pass the food court then I was standing in front of a tanning studio, staring at the monitor that previews all the almost-naked guys covered in towel and showing their tan, they looked happy, some even looked seductive, others might get that the shop's a house of whore or something.

Then I turned and there was a young woman (about my age I think) standing right in front of me, I looked at her at first, she smiled but I felt like she's grinning, and I realised I was blushing, I guessed she noticed me watching those slides at the monitor so I walked away, but she's still standing there.

I went into some comic stores and made it back to the tanning studio except I wasn't staring at the screen anymore, I took a seat at a nearby bench, and the young woman was sitting beside me. I didn't stand and walk this time, but I took out my Reader's Digest and continue from where I left...I was ignoring her, but I felt her eyes sort of, staring at me, intensely I guessed, caused I felt uneasy, irritated. And I knew she was smiling or grinning again, I didn't dare to lift my head up.

Eventually I didn't like the approach, so I put my book together and faced her, looked her into the eyes, and she put up a big smile almost a sincere one, then there's awkwardness in the air, surprised when she started to talk, I almost made up my mind to communicate with her using Sign Language.

"Hi...errr ar...are you waiting for someone?" she blurted.

"Uh huh, yea I am waiting for a friend" I replied.

"Oh, is your friend working here?" she asked and pointing at the gym center.

"Not really, he err...he is having his workout, yea at the gym" I replied politely.

"Ah ok" she noted and walked away without saying anything else. Just like that.

There's a lot went through my mind after that, did I made her leave by saying something wrong? Was it that I mentioned 'he' instead of 'she'? Or she failed to sell me something, may be a membership to the gym or some products, but obviously she's not carrying anything except a small handbag. I just didn't know what else to think off!

Honestly, how would she react when I said I was waiting for my boyfriend or my husband instead? Will that be more appropriate ya know, telling the truth or what? I bet she would probably did the same thing, stood and walked away, may be walk a bit faster this time.

And that's not the end, not the same story or the continuation, I was about to log off planetromeo yesterday when an 'exotic' guy from the 'exotic' land text me...

Mr. E: "Hi, you look cute, wanna have hot and wild sex with me?" came with several of his profile pictures, he didn't look half bad but...

Me: "Err, hello. Yea sure." eagerly waiting for his reply.

Mr. E: "Ok great here's my number 01x-xxxxxxx text me tomorrow, I am going to bed now"

Me: "Oh thanks and here's mine..."

He's like rushing somewhere, I know he's going to bed but at least we could chat a little's like he paged me in the hospital, "...on call room now!" or something like that...

Nevertheless, I did text him the first thing in the morning...

Me: "Hi...what time can we meet up and where do you live?"

Mr. E: "Morning Joe, what time you want me to meet you? Where to meet? My charges are RM150 please..."

Me: "You charge? What?! I didn't hire you, if it's free then you're welcome anytime!"

Mr. E: no reply....

After coming out from the shower, I text him again...

Me: " glad that I am not making a report about this, and if you would have come freely, I'm sure we would have hell of a great time..."

Mr. E: " sorry dude, my charges are fixed at RM150..."

Arghh what is wrong with you?! I created an account at, a friendly gay community website not eBay!

I guessed pride really comes with a price huh? Don't you think?


  1. Umm... I'm just curious.. 150 per night or per hour?

  2. it's per session...i guessed...don't bother 'bout that lol.